Finishing the hull and hoisting sail

December 26, 2016
It's Chrismas time, and hopefully I get to work a bit on boat as well.

Since last post I have only been able to purchase some boat accessories.

December 29, 2016

For the windows, I thought about using triplex glass; real glass, laminated of 2 layers of 3mm glass with a film in between. And for the front windows, as these are curved, I had a thought of trying to cut these out car windshield; which is similarly laminated glass. I took the measurements and went down to a glass shop to get a quote; the price was reasonable and had the straight glasses cut out. The guy also agreed to try to cut out front ones from a car windshield. So I went to a windshield replacment shop, picked up a glass that was taken off, with enough good area for getting my glasses out of it; took it back to glass shop... and within a half an hour a bit more I had my forward glasses cut out as well.

The curviness is not perfect, but is good enough, as they will be fitted by a thick coat of Sikaflex. As the side windows are fitted inside the outer layer of plywood, there is 2-3mm gap between glass edge and plywood. What is left now is one glass for the campanionway hatch and a skylight for the main hatch, to check on the sails when hatch is closed.

I dryfitted the cabin sides, so I can now measure and cut cabin sole panels out
Epoxying of the sides and cabin sole will be a job for the spring time.

Also made starbolt heads for the forpeak hatch, out of leftover plywood

Some more finishing for the spring time building season/session. The nuts were fitted in the inside earlier, with thickened epoxy.

I calculated; and cut out a template for sea anchor. Came out as planned, 800mm diameter and 700mm height.

It will be made of PVC tarp and webbing.

April 27, 2017

The boatbuilding season is declared open! 
Wheather here is not yet warm enough for epoxy works, but some preparation works can be started with. I start with hatches, cutting out cabin sole and setting up steering system.

While at work, some components of eletrical system have arrived 
 More pics about building progress will follow soon.

May 2, 2017

I have cut out the panels for cabin sole now. Just the locking knobs to be cut in shape and mount locking blocks under the hatches cutouts.

As can be seen on the photos, only half of each panel is a hatch. I don't have to move seat to open the rear hatches; as there is no built in water tank - it wouldn't work otherwise for the forward hatches; and I believe this will make easier to keep things in place, under fixed sole panels. Narrow panel in the middle is the cover of lead compartment; handle is of bildge pump. Now these will be taken down again for epoxying and varnishing. Rear compartment dividers have also been cut out.
I have made initial setup for the steering line, but I used blocks without bearings and there is some resistance to line movement. So I have ordered new blocks and will change that.

Next challenges will be seat and hatches...

May 5, 2017

Hatches. There is a campanionway hatch and a hatch cover. Dry fit first, then everything to be taken down again for epoxying.

I made the hatch cover sides lower in the front and higher in the back, so the more you close the hatch, the more pressure there is on the sealing. Runners are waiting for their time, there are tracks still to make for the hatch, to keep it rising up from the runners.

There is now seat left to be done, steering to be redone, toweye...

May 8, 2017

The blocks for steering system are replaced, and it works fine now

Have also dry-fitted the boweye

Next tasks will be seat and wooden block(s) for inside lines' cam cleats. Hopefully weather forcast is wrong and temperature will finally go up to allow for epoxy works and also letting to proceed with finishing the hull.

May 26, 2017

The month of May, when we normally have the hottest weather, is nearly over; temperatures hardly ever reaching to suitable for working with epoxy... Still, I have now shaped, drilled and epoxied tow rails and hatch runners.

I have sanded all the sharp fiberglass edges and painted the bilge
To the left there are hanging knees, epoxied and sanded down; waiting for a coat of varnish, before installation.

I have cut out and fitted the seat. Again a bit differently from the plans - perminently attached with hinge system and foldable down. Seat up...

...and seat folded down 

Would I ever need a full size opening to the aft compartment - I will shape the rear end of the seat accordingly; you will not sit all the way back anyway.

We have moved outside again, hoping to get some more paint in the nearest future

There are still hatches to be finished; insulation panels, side panels and sole panels to be fitted once warnished; and once the hull is painted - I will have to start dealing with rigging.

June 5, 2017

Despite cold weather and rain in general, yesterday was a perfect weather for painting.  I got the painting done for hull sides, it is the third coat now; also mast has got some coats.

Have started gluing insulation panels in place; so at least some perminent installation has began. Some first panels I tried with polyurethane sealant adhesive, but it came loose from the foam; so now I use liquid PU glue. This seems to hold well. Just need to press the panels tightly against sides

  Have suceeded to epoxy one side of the hatches

The potential of getting better weather is good, so hopefully will get some more progress this week.

June 16, 2017

We start recognizing ourselves when looking into mirror

June 22, 2017

Bad weather continues, so everything is going not as planned...
From desperation not being able to work on the outer side, I installed floor panels

 Today, between showers, I hoisted the sail for the first time.

To decide on how much to cut off the second batten; and to start trimming/ sheeting the sail

Hatches are yet to be finished + deck to be painted with antiskid. Some minor works inside the cabin as well.

June 23, 2017

Slowly but surely the sail starts to take the expected shape

June 26, 2017

Installed hatch runners today. I sticked plastic strips to cabin top for the hatch to slide on, so the cabin top will not get scratched. 

Deck has recieved antiskid paint. As it rains constantly and the weather is quite windy, I had to do it in the garage.

Here you can also see that the hatches have recieved gaskets now. I described earlier how I made the cabin top hatch sealable - the front edge is lower and rear end is higher for both, hatch and the structure under hatch; so when the hatch is open - the gap is bigger, as the hatch closes - the gap gets smaller. This way the gasket touches the understructure only last 10 cm or 4 inches in my case; so not having any friction when opened more than that.

No gap under gasket, gasket slightly compressed, when hatch closed

Bearly touches when open for about 10 cm

Having a gap of about 1cm when fully open

It worked, with some silicone oil smeared on the gasket, just as in my best dreams. The beginners luck is one great factor!

The launch


  1. Hey there. I am enjoying your Paradox build blog a lot. Can't wait to learn how she handles with junk rig, I am a big junk rig fan (Ming Ming I and II). I think you've got the balance right with the stretch, she looks quite sweet. I have bulkhead,centreboard and rudder made. I might give the stretch some thought, though scarfing intimidates me :))

    1. Hey A.B.S Tinker,

      Thanks for the support! I can't wait to learn how it sails myself ;)
      Scarfing will only intimidate until you are on to it. Important that you wouldn't regret later that you didn't...

  2. HI Eerik,re gaff sailing; the,lug sail version has such a long boom = sail area down low. Apparently the gaff is a taller rig, but Ming Ming doesn't have much heel. Can't wait too. Centralised - no cb on Paradox, pilot error different build. Happy building season to you, I 'll be waiting when you're posting next. Thanks

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That boat is a thing of beauty, friend!!! I'm looking forward to copying you sometime in the very near future! Thanks for posting this online!!!

    1. Thanks!

      She would love to have a younger sister ;)