Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This is a blog about building a Matt Layden's Paradox sailboat, 20% scaled up, and it is planned to be rigged with chinese junk rig.

Click on links to the right for the building process.
I have chosen the Paradox because some of it's main features - it's shallow draft while still being reasonably seaworthy; easy handling the sails from inside; having a cabin to sleep at night... not to mention that all active on the WEB Paradox owners are happy with their boat. Due to it's small size and simple rigging it is also affordable to build.  

This is more or less how it should eventually look

The designer has said that it would be OK to increase the size for 20% without changing material dimensions. And so I have decided to do. This adds a bit of challenge, as the plywood consumption and cutting pattern are all different. But it adds more fun to building process.

I cannot say that I don't like the designed balanced lug sail, but I want to try something different. For a long time I played around with a thought about aft mast with 2 stay sails; until I happened to check on junk rig. I had seen it before, I had liked it before; but it looked way too complicated with all those sheets that it has; and the general setup... But the handling turns out to be not more complicated than the Paradox lug sail would be. So, let's try and check out all those 50 advantages of the junk rig... One of which to be that you don't have to put down your coffee cup while reefing the sail ;)



  1. I have just ordered plans for the paradox boat and thought a little larger would be nice. I was wondering if you could tell me what your rough dimensions for your boat are going to be. Thanks for your time

    1. Hi Kevin,

      My boat's dimensions will roughly be:
      LOA 16ft 8in or 5.1m; beam 4ft 10in or 1.5m; draft about 11in or .276m; and displacement about 2400lbs or 1088kg. So it is going to be quite a bit heavier...

      Good luck with your build! :)


  2. hi Kevin,
    firstly, congrats on upsizing the Paradox! i sail a TS16 and cannot imagine even less space in a cabin ......
    i am particularly interested in alternate rigs for Paradox.
    i am wondering with your setup if the center of effort has moved forward?
    though the chine runners are touted as providing 'bite' to windward i have a suspicion that the large rudder also contributes significantly to controlling leeway.
    impressed with quick build!

  3. Apologies for confusion! - i meant to address Eerik, not Kevin.

  4. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the kind words!
    Yes, the CE has moved forward just a bit; and to compensate it, I have made the chinerunners a bit shorter on the aft side; and ready to make them longer on the for end, would that be necessary... And again, yes - the big rudder does contribute to leeway control :)
    About half the time I built full time, therefore it went a bit more quickly ;)